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Hey, my name is Tanish and I am a content strategist and a freelance writer for SaaS startups and scaleups.

What My Clients Say About Me!

Why Work With Me?

Pro Researcher

In my opinion, copying content from top 10 pages isn’t research. To craft content that makes sense to readers, I take data straight from the origin while summing up the missing puzzle.

Search Intent Driven

Google ranks content that fulfills the search intent without fluff. Considering this, I solve a reader’s question in the most effective way.


Pro Editor

I don’t just write, proofread, and deliver. I ensure that every sentence I write is fluff-free and the best possible variation of itself.

On-Page SEO

Many writers think using keywords in their content makes them an SEO writer. But let’s face it; apart from keyword optimization, I optimize the title tags, overall flow, do internal linking, and the list goes on…

A Little About Me

My content writing journey started 3 years ago when I first discovered what SEO is.

One thing that I realized when learning SEO was the power of content in this digital world. So I decided to become a content writer. 

I then leant about content strategy in SEO and grew a website’s traffic from 0 to 12K in 4 month.

Fast-forwarding to 2022, I’ve worked with the likes of Gooten, Bookmark, PageFly, and many more international brands.